Leveraging IoT and artificial intelligence to institutionalise microbreweries


ver wondered how many microbreweries are there in India as of today? Have you ever imagined an IoT and AI powered brewery? What if you have freedom to pour your own beer and pay only for what you drink? These are few of the sweet questions that might have come to your mind while having a chilled glass of beer at a brewery.

Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

– Benjamin Franklin

There are close to 105 active breweries in India across different states and each serving 5 variants of craft beer on an average. Setting up and running a microbrewery is quite a challenging, which no one other than the management would understand.

  • Setup challenges:
    • Installation: Installing the entire system is like setting up your own laboratory which may always have unforeseeable issues that are beyond their expertise
    • Cleanliness: Maintaining the equipments and tanks are a must for any level of brewing, but cleaning requires a lot of time and cost
    • Temperature consistency: Temperature is a vital component of the process. Containers must be heated to the exact temperatures and it must be maintained for a set timeframes
    • Scalability: How quickly can they scale up the operations to meet customer demand
    • Replication: What are the chances of them replicating their signature craft beer again? If they can’t, long-term success is at stake
    • Capacity: Each component of a brewing company needs to be carefully planned to avoid any detrimental bottlenecks which may cost time and money
    • Growth: If they are producing some amazing craft beers and making profit out of it then they should take a pause and think if they have actually planned for the expansion right from the start or not
  • Operation challenges:
    • Keeping up with market trends: Understanding the fluidity of the market by conducting periodic research into current and projected future trends is critical to stay a step ahead of competitors
    • Effective inventory management: Effectively managing the inventory is the crucial component to keep the cost low. Those who fail to do so may face unforeseen expenditures and supply overages or shortages throughout peak business periods
    • Understand the favorites: As we understood earlier that each brewing company produces 5 craft beers on a average. How would they know or predict which one to produce more or is being loved more by the customers
    • Competitive price: Considering microbreweries has become a new trend, it is very important to keep the price reasonably competitive which would fuel them to maintain profit
    • Hiring staff: Hiring staff isn’t a challenge but maintaining them and using their efforts efficiently is extremely difficult
    • Keeping customers satisfied: Customer satisfaction is the key for any business. Customer may get unsatisfied by any petty reasons. Like a few of the breweries in Bangalore charge for beer tasters, delay in serving beer or food, and many more such reasons

There are multiple ways to deal with the setup challenges yet the manufacturers are trying standardise them, at the same time, InnovatorsBay is ideating to automate the production process. InnovatorsBay has developed a smart IoT and artificial intelligence based solution to institutionalise microbreweries which can enhance the customer experience and increase brewery’s revenue.

IoT solution enables the brewery to make their tables smarter by installing sensors tagged with a single board computer which transmit the data onto a centralised server. Server acts as a robot running multiple algorithms and taking care of the operations.

  • Beery Den (BD): this is the heart of the entire platform. BD is responsible for running all of the key features. BD is highly secured and can run on-premise or on cloud depending on the brewery’s comfort. BD comes with a subscription based model which also transmits data (at the end of day) to InnovatorsBay’s server (Birbal) that runs machine learning algorithms for Brewery’s business operations. A few of the key features are:
    • Dynamic pricing: People say dynamic pricing alienates the customers, hence, we came up with a smart way to handle it. Beery platform runs a smart real-time analytics engine which is backed by a powerful artificial intelligence algorithm that publishes new price for each beer based on multiple dependent and independent variables. In near future updates, the system will also be smart enough to publish dynamic prices for each table.
    • Happy hours: with Beery, gone will be the days when people would ask for happy hours. Beery’s highly configurability and dynamic pricing is the replacement for happy hours. The prices will be dependent on the rate of consumption of the customers. Beery also provides real-time price enhancements through Beery console - the fixed price can be changed, house discounts can be added to the a table or a liquor or on all liquors.
    • Customer value and segmentation: understanding the value of a customer followed by segmentation is the key to enhance customer experience even before the customer comes to the brewery. Each customer carries a value based on the business he/she has provided in the past. We can analyse gathered data at the cumulative as well as the demographic levels, build segments, generate insights and publish campaigns for each of the customers.
    • Effective campaigns: campaigns are created based on the customer’s value and segment. Each customer or segment is then offered with a campaign which carries a coupon code (can be availed through BD) sent to the customers through SMS or email. Beery is configurable and capable of creating custom campaigns for special events or customers.
  • Beer on Table (BoT): IoT enabled smart table which allows the customers to pour their own beer (PYoB - pour your own beer). No more paying extra for the tasters or the leftovers. Along with PYoB, the solution enables customers to pay for what they drink, i.e. if you drink 100 ml then pay for just 100 ml and nothing more. A smart display (called BM - Beery’s Mind), lets the customers view their invoice real-time. It also gives information about the running offers.

With all said, Beery is a configurable, easy to set up and a highly scalable solution to enhance the customer's experience and streamline the business process. The motive is to institutionalize breweries by its advanced analytics and cutting edge technologies.