A specialty social networking platform


ocial Media interactions have been growing exponentially over years and there does not seem to be an equilibrium soon in the trend. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or any other application, the user base is increasing every minute.

Nevertheless, there is still a huge amount of population which either doesn’t get into such platforms or remains mum in spite of getting onto them. These are the people who are shy or are always under pressure to be judged wrong or are going through certain health conditions. There are also situations that restrict a person to speak openly - colleagues at an official team meeting, students in colleges sharing feedback about their professors or while planning an inter- college event or party, folks organising marathon, trek or blood donation camps.

There is a need of a platform that shall maintain right balance between anonymity and community-based regulations; power to the author to create and destroy; choice to choose the freedom to be given to a respondent.

A platform that believes in "Message is the master" and "Power to the creator"

We have built a social media platform with varied, unique and twisted concepts delivering content seamlessly. The beauty of the application is in it’s cutting edge, highly available and scalable architecture which can cater to more than a Million users across the world. It includes cloud powered mobile application which acts as the interface for the user to access as well as create the content.

The app leverages a number of features such as anonymity, ability to track down the origin of a post, choosing whether to allow people reply anonymously to a post, and more. The app allows users create their own groups giving group admin the authority to decide whether a particular post can be shared outside the group or not. On the marketing front, our client (the organization behind the idea) would target college students first. The app is already being used by a group of users and changes have been done to make it more appealing and less cumbersome. This platform will offer a subscription-based model to users such as businessmen and professionals seeking customised features.